Take the Burden with our Children


Source: 1,000,000 pictures

Yesterday, a boy came to me sharing a series of unpleasant things he noticed on the media. To name a few, beating up new classmates, harrassing females, coercing peers to give money, unlawful video recording female passengers, cyber bullying, suicide of the bullied, rape and the like. My heart is broken! Loads of selfishness, violations of respect and care, using people as object for sexual interests, deliberate victimization are attacking young people. Those who have a big heart suffer, especially our sensitive and compassionate children.

As caregivers, parents and professional helpers, we should recognize these loads of moral burden with the young people. We have to listen to their feelings, experience and sadness. At the same time, we need to tell them our beliefs and reassure them of our faith in the goodness of people, despite of witnessing all the bad things in the society. One of…

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