Addictions: Reflecting on life struggles



Source: 1,000,000 pics

Today a team of us, 16 people with a popular singing artist, went to Hei Ling Chau (a rehabilitation service under the Correctional Service Department of Hong Kong) to have a gathering with over 400 inmates. The purpose of this visit is to encourage these people to overcome their addiction to drugs and adversity of life. We had singing by the artist and self-reflection of a distinguished man who was an ex-inmate himself for a few times twenty years ago. While I was joining and clapping hands with everybody, I was touched and trying so hard to hold my tears.

These young people, between 20s to 50s, are well built and smart looking. I was told that the majority were repeat inmates. This makes me think that we humans are very vulnerable to falling into traps. Addiction to drugs can be a form of reaction to lifeā€¦

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