Whose Vulnerabilties? By Jo Ho


Image Source: http://drdivaphd.wordpress.com/2012/08/04/there-is-power-in-being-vulnerable/

CK doing Year 10 in the Eastern Coast spends time with his family for this summer holiday in Hong Kong. He studied overseas a year ago and learnt a lot from peer interaction, teacher-student relationship, interactive learning, academic and school adjustment and so forth.

CK couldn’t imagine his growth in confidence and social leadership over the past year. He admits that frequent quarrels and fights between family members since childhood have shaped his withdrawn behavior. He finds unresolved conflicts very overwhelming. He tends to present himself as outgoing, competent and high achiever. Specifically, he can’t handle all the communication problems in the family.

This summer, he starts talking to his elder sister and mom as an adult and stating clearly that he wants them to communicate their true feelings. He doesn’t want them to hide their feelings behind the smart phone, iPad or other forms of technology…

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