First encounter: A man with shared vision


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Life is full of hopes. I wouldn’t expect that a simple dinner at a Malaysian fast food restaurant brings in a beautiful encounter. I met a gentleman who has come a long way from emergency medicine to forensic psychiatry for bringing more hopes to people. A string of topics covering forensic psychiatry, intellectual disabilities, Autism, Attention Deficit, bipolar depression, personality disorders, psychopharmacology, rehabilitation, aging and other mental health issues, go non-stop. It is our first encounter.

Over the 20 minutes of conversation, we find shared vision in realizing potentials in people regardless of their age, intellectual functioning or social competence. I discover that knowledge itself doesn’t grow fulfillment. It is the genuine and truthful sharing between two passionate learners counts!

The encounter helps me recognize the gift of friendship. It is precious and vital to personal and professional growth. How wonderful to find that we are not…

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